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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maybe I should be a wild life photographer?

 Have you ever noticed in nature the females blend in more with the back ground?  They are fairly plain looking but naturally beautiful.

Photo by Trisha Field
Female Duck
 It is the male of the species that is all dressed up.  Brighter colors and draw people's attention more.  They are the beautiful ones of the species.  So why is it with humans that women are made to feel that they need to be anything other than natrually beautiful?

Photo by Trisha Field
Male Duck
I saw this Canadian Goose close to shore  With the sun shining so brightly, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures playing with the reflection.

Photo by Trisha Field
Mirror image

Then I saw the daphadils blooming in the flood plain and there was something special about these tuffs of green and yellow shining back through the reflecting blue water.

Photo by Trisha Field
April Showers bring...

Then I heard in the distance two geese flying over headed for the river.  I started snapping shots.  I moved in the shape of and arch until they were on the other side and headed away.  I remembered seeing a picture of two goose flying and the clouds looking like a face.  Then I realized that the clouds in this picture sort of looked like eye brows.  Here's looking at you Doll!
Photo by Trsiha Field
The Eyes have it!

 Then I reviewed the next shot and I thought, "Doesn't that look like someone that is surprised and has puckered their lips saying ooo-oooo-oooo.  I guess it is all about looking beyond what you are seeing and seeing something new. 

Photo by Trisha Field
oo oo hot lips

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