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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

My hands are itching

It was a LONG day today.  We left town for the day about 9AM.  We did some fast shopping on the way through town.  We had planned to stop and visit puppy "Chompers" but his people went to the water park for the day and he was visiting the brother-in-laws.  So instead we stopped by Sid's place and visited for a little while (the Sire of the puppies.) 

Then we continued on and visited Precious Hope.  She was the puppy that was near death about three weeks ago.  She is strong, energetic and about the same size as her sisters still with us.

Photo by Trisha Field
Precious Hope 04/20/2013
Then we headed to Sandstone, Minnesota to the Midwest Country Theater to see Maggie Mae (from Oxford, Wisconsin) in concert.  The concert was great!

Photo by Trisha Field
Maggie Mae from Oxford, Wisconsin
So are you wondering what does all this have to do with my hands itching?  Dale had picked up a new lotion.  I put some on my hands.  So when we stopped by the famous "Tobies" Restaurant in Hinckley and I stopped enough to realize that the tops of my hands were itching.  There was a small rash across my left hand and part of my right hand.  Okay.  It wasn't the hand lotion.  My hands were in the sun as we drove and I actually got a little bit of a sunburn.  38 degrees and sunny with a snow-covered everything and the tops of my hands are getting burned.  Maybe there is hope that spring is on the way. Although two days of snow are still in the forecast.

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