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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Evening Routine...

I need to share a funny story with you.  Every evening My Jenny (red/rust Doberman Pinscher) and I leave Dale's place and head back to my house.  She stops on the way in and "does her business".  As we walk into the porch, she nudges my hand with the top of her nose.  That means "I now deserve a treat".  Most of the time I hang my coat up first.

Photo by Trisha Field
My Jenny
Tonight I gave her the treat then took my coat off and hung up my keys.  My right ear has been a little congested all day and this evening it has been feeling a bit itchy.  I couldn't stand it any longer - - - I stuck my finger in my ear to see if there was any wax build up. 

AAAAHHHHH!  There was something in my ear! My first thought was I got a bug in my ear.  I quickly pulled it out of my ear and resisted the temptation to toss it across the room.  I looked at it before it could crawl away.  HA!  It wasn't a bug. 

I had given My Jenny a beggin strip and a tiny piece must have stuck to my finger nail.  I couldn't feel it on the nail but I felt it in my ear.  After throwing out the tiny piece of dog treat, I sufficiently removed the wax from my ear.  Since it was still itching I put a small amount of lavender oil in the ear to calm the itching.

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