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Monday, April 29, 2013

I made a good decision...

Many, many years ago I dated a man that I broke up with after finding out that he was verbally and emotionally abusive.  After I broke up with him, he found a woman shorter and fatter than I was and married her.  Did I really need to say that?  Yes, because I feel that he is abusing her.  I see them every once in a blue moon and I see the little signs. 

I wish there was something that I could do but I really don't know her.  I know many people that know him and they dismiss his oddness as just that - a bit off.  But as "Christians" we must accept people for who they are. 

I personally don't agree with that viewpoint.  I believe that Jesus had a way about him and when he crossed paths with sinners, he led them to repentance and they became a better person.  The exception to that are the people whose hearts are so hardened (like Judas).

Recently, I ran into this man and his wife.  He felt it necessary to talk about the vacation that they had just come back from.  Ironically, it was a vacation that we had talked about taking if our relationship would have progressed.  Then he used the conversation to put his wife down.  What kind of a man acts like that?  A sick, very sick man and once again I say, "I made a good decision when I pushed him away."

Dale talks like he is sitting in the bar with they guys.  But when I need something done, he is there to do it for me.  When I do something for him, he always make sure that he says thank-you.  He is not perfect but neither am I so I guess that it is a good match.  Again, I made a good decision, and pray for women living in abusive relationships. 

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