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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A new Eagle's nest

I can't believe how in the last 10 years things are starting to change.  I now know where three eagles nests are located.  All three have mature eagles sitting on eggs (or so I presume).  As I have driven by, I always see one sometimes two birds in the nests. 

So you say, how can you see anything in that nest?  Well, I take a picture with my 200 zoom lens and after snapping the picture, I zoom, zoom and zoom some more.  It is not a clear picture because of the distance but you can see the outline of a bird sitting in the nest.

The first one is outside of Marty.  A good spot as there are several lakes and ponds within a two mile radius.  The one pictured below is outside of Watkins.  Several good streams and rivers run near it.  The third one is right on Highway 55 between Watkins and the Twin Cities.  That one surprises me most of all because it is within 20-30 feet of a major highway. 

10 years ago, I lived in the woods in Wisconsin.  I used to carry my camera in the trunk of my car.  (An old fashioned SLR, film camera with a 500 zoom lens and I had a doubler that fit between the camera and the lens so it was like shooting with 1000 zoom lens.)  There were eagles around and I would see them flying over or sitting in a field along the side of the road, but I could never find their nests. 

I know that they are scavengers.  But they really are a beautiful creatures.  I love watching them.

Photo by Trisha Field
Eagle's Nest View 1

Photo by Trisha Field
Eagle's Nest View 2

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