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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Toy

I have been saving up for a new "toy" it is a Nikon D5100 camera.  It is a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera with auto or manual focus. Other than the fact that my sister purchased a similar camera a year ago, I haven't had a working video camera for over ten years and I miss it.  Yeah the D5100 is both a still shot and video camera. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Chewbacca, Daisy, Forest
I chose a sample (very short video) of Duchess trying to teach a puppy how to play tug of war.  Duchess was feeling left out because we bought the puppies a few new toys and put them in their pen.  She wanted to play with them first.  So when we put them away, she took her toy to the puppy.  
 As I learn more about what the camera can do, I will share it with you.  Did you see the notation in the beginning that I had been saving up for this?  I had about $600 saved.  One store had a D3100 on sale for under $600 with two lenses.  18mm-55mm and a 55mm-200mm.  I have both of those lenses on my old D40.  I was planning on saving and buying a 55mm-300mm lens within the next year. 

I rarely shop at just one store.  I like to check out the options.  So at the second store that I shopped at I found that the more complex and expensive D5100 were on sale and you could choose any second lens at (each lens had a different amount off, $100/$150/$200 depending on the value of the lens.) BUT it would go over the amount that I had saved.  This is one of the few stores that I have a store credit card at so I decided to put the higher amount on the card.  I figured if I rearranged a few things, I could find a way to pay it off in 30-45 days. 

Well if blessings don't come from strange places.  As I was checking out, the clerk told me that because of the value of my purchase that I qualified for zero percent financing for 18 months.  WOW, so exciting.  I only use this credit card about twice a year and pay it off on the first statement.  So I don't think that I will need to worry about having both a zero finance paying off and revolving credit the month that I am paying off.  (Most cards pay towards the revolving credit before taking off the zero financing.  And if there is even $1 still owed on the original amount they will charge you 18 months of interest - beware!)

That means I now have a D5100 with a 18mm-55mm lens, a 55mm-200mm lens and a 55mm-300mm lens.  I will be selling my D40 with the 18mm-55mm lens and camera bag (hopefully). 

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