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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Work Ethic

LL Kool J (James Todd Smith) was on the Tonight show on April 11th, 2013 and he shared what his grandmother told him every day. "Todd;
If a task is once begun,
never leave it 'til it's done.
Be thou labor great or small,
do it well or not at all."

Growing up as a kid, I remember a camp that I went to and they taught us:
"Good, better, best,
never, ever, rest,
'til your good get's better
and your better get's best."

I feel that too often in America, we are loosing our work ethic.  Maybe there aren't enough people with the strong work ethic that have the time and/or energy to mentor the younger generations so that they embrace pride in a good job completed.  They take pride in many other things but not in a good job done.

Or is it that we have become such an instant society that we are lacking the patience needed?

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