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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, April 26, 2013

A random meeting or a God thing?

I woke up at 5 AM EST (4 CST). When I fly out from South Bend, Indiana I stay at a Hotel within walking distance of the airport. (Had you guessed my photos were from Notre Dame, Mishiwaka and Elkhart?) Shortly after waking, I knew that I was going to be giving someone a ride to the airport.

I checked out and was arranging my back pack when a man came around the corner to check out. The hotel worker had quickly stepped away when I was done and she was coming back and while he was waiting for her I asked, "Are you walking to the airport?"

He was planning on walking. I offered and gave him a ride.  In the very short ride, I realized that he was on the same flight as I was.  I dropped him off at a door because he had to check in yet.  I was pre-checked and needed to return the rental car.  So that was the end of that....or was it?

I no more than had dropped the keys in the vehicle return box than I got a call that the flight was delayed 1.5 hours.  I had cold pizza in my back pack for breakfast.  I decided to buy a large diet coke to go with it.  As I walked into the little cafeteria, there was that guy sitting at a small table.  I sat at the table next to him and chatted a bit. So that was the end of that....or was it?

On the plane, I was the first one to get on in my row.  I settled in with my neck pillow, my Kindle, a bottle of water and my camera.  The back pack went into the overhead bin.  This airline assigns seats as you buy tickets you can choose from the seats still available.  I supposedly got the last seat on the flight. Guess who was sitting buy me?  Yes, it was the same man.  He had barely gotten settled in his seat and the flight attendant asked if he wanted to move back a row because no one was sitting in that row.  He did. So that was the end of that....or was it?

Not if I had anything to say about it.  This person has now crossed my path randomly (or by God's intervention) this many times.  There was something more that needed to be said.  So without a clue as we were getting ready to disembark the plane, I asked, "Do you or your wife read much?"

He smiled a big smile and told me that his daughter was a published author with over 90 books sci-fi books published.  I shared with him that my first book was published several years ago and my second is going to be published soon.

This man was an engineer, his sister is an artist (painter), and his daughter is an author and this morning, God used me to get him to the airport and our paths criss-crossed until I heard his story.  There are so many things similar to my family that it is like looking at us through the eyes of another.  I can't wait to see what becomes of this.   

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