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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's a God thing...

We had a nice young woman inquire about getting one of our puppies.  Her family had done some Doberman rescue in the past and she recently had to put her Doberman down due to illness.  She thought that it was going to work but at the last minute, everything fell through.  I could tell that it was difficult for her. 

It is amazing how you can get to know someone by talking to them onto the phone and instant messaging back and forth. We have had 3 con artists trying to engage us as we have been selling puppies this year and the hairs on the back of my neck immediately stood at attention.  But with this young lady, it was the exact opposite.  I feel like I've known her all of her life.  I felt bad that she wasn't able to get one of the puppies.  But she was respecting her father's wishes and that said a lot too.

by Trisha Field
Precious Hope
On Monday, a female puppy had complications during the ear-cropping surgery.  The vet told the owner that she wasn't going to make it.  Dale felt like he had to go over there and say good-bye to her.  She responded to his voice.  The vet told him to stay with her and continue talking to her.  His voice pulled her back to life.  It was a God given miracle!

Slowly and surely, she is getting better.  Dale is going to have a very difficult time giving up his Precious girl that he saved.  But I believe in "God Things" and maybe, just maybe that God can let Dale see that he saved this Precious Hope's life for a very special young woman who thrives on nurturing struggling Dobermans. 

I have shared all the details with her and her family and they are aware of the possible complications yet they are excited at the possibility of bringing Precious Hope home.  If only..... Dale can see what I see. 

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