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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wha ha ha

Oh that was SO worth it!

We are in the middle of a blizzard. But this hotel has a wonderfully warm pool. On top of that, I finished a repair job on my purse and I wanted to wash it so the new strap would felt like the rest of the purse.  The washer and pool are next door to each other.

I am not a small woman.  I put on my one piece suit, put a t-shirt over top of it and headed to the lobby to buy detergent and get change for the washer and dryer. I was going to swim, while the washer ran (30 minutes).

I got out of the elevator and I could hear a businessman talking. He stopped mid-word. I walked behind him and into the "pantry" I picked up a packet of laundry soap and brought it to the front counter to pay for it.

The clerk said to the man, "Did you lose your chain of thought?"

He was still standing there with his mouth open so I answered, "No, Seeing me in my swimsuit scared him!" (Hear my chuckles?)

Dressed in long pants and a long heavy winter jacket the man finally found his words, "Aren't you cold? I'm cold with long pants and shoes on under my coat and you are barefooted in a swimsuit. I can't believe you aren't freezing."

To which the clerk answered, "She's from Minnesota.  She's got thick blood."  He admitted having thin blood from Florida.

Laughing at the banter I added, "I'm really not cold."  A few minutes later a large group of people came in along with a cold breeze.  I took that opportunity to head down to the laundry room then the pool.

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