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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


You know that muscle between the buttocks and the back of the knee.  One of those muscles that you stretch before excersizing intensly. 

Last night I was playing ring around the table with the 11 puppies to wear them out before bedtime. It was about 9:30 PM.  Four puppies decided that they were going to sneak back around the table the other direction.  I lifted my left leg to step over them.  I was wearing my house slippers.  As my left foot hit the floor it just kept on going.  No puppies squeeled so they must have scampered out from underneath me.  I did the perfect splits if I was a 16 year old gymnast.  But since I am significantly older than that what is most appropriate to say it "OUCH!"

Somehow and I'm not sure how I got my legs back to where they belong.  I lay on the floor and yelled, "DALE! I need your help!"   I had to yell it several times because Dale was asleep in the bedroom with Duchess and My Jenny.  I was about a half and hour away from leaving and he was not expecting to hear me yell.

When he came out it looked like there were 11 puppies whipping my a**.  They were crawling all over me, chewing my clothes and biting my hair.  Typical puppy play.  Since I was playing with them when I got hurt, they just thought I was still playing.  Dale picked up the puppies and put them back in the kennel and helped me up.  I sat down on the recliner with my hamstring resting on ice packs.  I was able to walk to the car and get home.  I am walking so-so today.  I did have a chiropractic adjustment today.  My lower back was out from the impact. 

Pray for me.  This is a difficult injury to recover from....

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