Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, March 11, 2013

"Spring ahead"

I forgot how difficult it is when we spring ahead in the Spring.  At 2 AM you are supposed to move the clocks forward an hour to 3 AM. That means you lose an hour of sleep. 

I don't like mornings to begin with but when you lose an hour of sleep it feels like real jet lag.  This afternoon I had a terrible time time staying awake.

Here I am taking the evening shift with the puppies.  Dale has been going to bed at 8 PM but then he is awake around 4 AM. Just as I typed that, Dale came into the living room.  The two dobermans had pushed him out of bed. Minutes later Duchess wandered out an plopped onto the floor. Within five minutes My Jenny was sitting there staring at us like "bedtime...NOW."

Despite being so tired today it is a dancing day.   I got a call from my investment company just touching base and letting me know the investments are growing. My Federal refund has arrived and I know have enough money set aside for the second book in he series.  Now I just need to finish the last couple of chapters and start the re-write process. Pray for me.

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