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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FLASHBACK! of Indulgence

One of the fun things about going to Cracker Barrel is that they have some old time candies that you can't find just anywhere.  They have the sugar sticks.  Like Dick Van Dyke made wrong in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and they became the famous "toot sweets".  There are Bonn bonns and fudge and old fashioned root bear.  Classic candies of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's - but to be honest reading the side of the box, I couldn't tell the difference between decades. 

I forgot about the tape measure.
My sister told me if I could find the Marathon bar that I was supposed to buy it and bring it back. What a bummer they did not have them.  They stopped making the Marathon bar.  Luscious caramel braided and woven back and forth then covered with chocolate.  To be specific: 1 inch by 8 inches of braided caramel covered with milk chocolate. Buy it, bite it and let that caramel string as you pulled it away.  Or freeze it and nibble the chocolate off then eat the caramel as it warms.  Whack the frozen bar on the table and enjoy bite size pieces of caramel and chocolate. 

With a smile like that he didn't eat many of these.
I don't remember the commercials but I do remember how good these tasted. Of course with my sister talking about them all the time now, I HAD to find out what happened to them. They ran away and changed their name.  The Marathon bar had it with the entitlement that ran across America.  It was so ashamed that it went into the witness protection program. 

I don't remember the commercials...
Marathon is now know as "Cadbury, Curly Wurly" and only sold out of Europe.  But they are still sold!  Yes, I can have them.  But buying candy from overseas has to be expensive, doesn't it?  We are in a new world.  A fascinating world growing smaller by the day.  I went onto my Kindle Fire and used my Amazon account to order a box of 60.  I'm an Amazon Prime member and get free shipping.  So I am buying it for the same price that someone over in Europe would buy it for and isn't that totally amazing?  In about a month, my sister and I will have a box of 60 Marathon bars (CurlyWurlys).  Bribes are welcome :^)

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