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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, March 18, 2013

They're Heeere!

I walked into the post office just before 11AM Saturday morning. They were officially closed but I could hear a couple workers in the back chatting.  I looked into my PO box. I had mail but more importantly I had a yellow tag.

If you don't have a PO box, they put a yellow tag in when you have a package that won't fit into the box or too much mail.  This time it was a package.

"Could it be?" I thought to myself. "It isn't due for two to three more weeks."

I knocked on the door and yelled through it, "Is it too late to get a package?"

Part of her response I couldn't make out through the door, wall, and row of mail boxes. I did hear enough to know that she was going to help me.  Opening the door, she handed me my box.

"Huh? Wow this is small. This can't be my box of 60 marathon bars." I thought to myself as I thanked her for getting the package for me.  I looked at the marking on the box wrapped in black plastic to stop it from getting wet in transit and it had an international value declaration on it. 

When I got it to the car and opened it up I found out, yes indeed the Marathon bars (curlywurly's) are here! 

I remembered them being larger (must be that whole child view thing.) At one small bite, oh YEAH! That is the candy bar from my youth.

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