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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making use of hotel washers

When I realized that the washers at hotels have the agitator in them, I decided it was a good time to make another purse. Agitator washers are great for felting.

FELTING: washing a wool project in hot water until the knitted rows look like felt.

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Shopping via cell phone pictures
I stopped by a large craft store that has 3-4 rows of yarns.  I was disappointed to find most of the wools were a blend.  Blends prevent shrinking and when felting you encourage a bit of shrinking. I called my sister to see what color purse she wanted and the colors she throughout were green, yellow and orange.  I didn't like the orange they had on hand.  I took a picture of the yarn colors and texted it to my sister. She approved.

I started knitting right away and when I walked into the hotel I laughed because her colors of the carpeting matched the wool exactly.

Cell photo by Trisha Field
LOL - It matches the hotel carpeting
By Thursday evening I had a project ready to go into the washer.  It felted pretty good. I would have liked to run it through the washer a second time but I had to head to the airport at 5:45AM. 

Cell Photo by Trisha
Almost Done!

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