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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Found Money $17.63

Sometimes the strangest blessings come at the strangest times.  Today my sister received at her address a letter for me.  There was a short time when I moved back to Minnesota from Wisconsin (ten years ago) that I had my mail forwarded to her address. 

A couple of times a year she gets a piece of mail for me.  Most of the time it is irrelevant and useless junk mail.  Not the mail that was received today.  It was a check for $17.63 such an odd amount. 

The electric company that I used when I was in Wisconsin won some kind of a court case that affected clients from 1999-2006.  I lived there from 2000-2003.  As a result of the funds received by the electric company, they are distributing $1.26 million according to "usage" during that time period.  WOW, I'm glad I don't work in that office.

I would encourage you to go to this website and check every state that you have ever lived in or worked.  If it would not have been for using my sisters address as a forwarding address, I would have had lost money. (I checked again and I don't have anything out there.  But my brother might. The next thing that I'll do is to send him and e-mail.) 

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