Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Inspired by Project Runway

I enjoy watching PR.  Sometimes the judges oo and ah over an outfit and I can only say, "They must be seeing different than what the camera shows."  I often find myself in opposition to the judges.  The judges are a bit fickle.  In one season they will chew someone out for using any feathers and the next season they tell someone to use more feathers.
Fashion in its own way is a very fickle business.  Maybe that is why the show is fun to watch.  How does it inspire me?  I always feel like sewing and crafting when I watch the show. 
Dale has been complaining that the quilt I started for him a year ago isn't done yet.  So I tied together the inspiration and half done project.  I have pulled out the sewing machine and hope to have the quilt finished soon.
It didn't pay to finish it last spring. For one thing I didn't have the money to have it machine quilted.  Also, Dale kept a puppy and new things with a puppy don't go together.
I need to cut a few side pieces for framing. I was crawling under the table in front of the sewing machine looking for the cutter.  It wasn't on the table so I thought it fell off.  (See me turning red?) I actually put it away when I was given a sewing basket. 

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