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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To my utter amazement!

A friend picked me up this evening and we went out for supper.  It is always nice to catch up with friends.  We had a nice visit.  The food was wonderful.  The restaurant was noisy mostly because we chose a restaurant that likes to embarrass people on their birthdays and there were several people there celebrating. 

So what had my friend and I sitting with our chins on the table and in total shock???  We finished eating and the restaurant dropped off the bills in two of those vinyl folders that they use at restaurants.  I put my credit card in the holder at the top.  My friend put a $20 in her sleeve.  A few minutes later the waitress came by and said, "If you are ready, I will take these for you." 

She didn't really wait for a response.  She wasn't moving fast but she picked them up and just kept walking away.  Upon her return she only had one sleeve with her. Mine with my credit card slip to sign. 

She never asked, "Do you need change?"  She just kept the change assuming that it was her tip.  Now you need to know that my friend and I usually tip 20% for good service.  This young waitress just kept 12% as a tip.  As my friend and I stared at each other, it took us a few minutes to discuss it.  We were in total shock.  When the waitress came back by, my friend pulled her to the side.

In a very kind and gentle tone, she mentioned that the change was not returned.  "I asked if you were ready. And from the look I received, I assumed you were."  (I never realized "are you ready" meant "do you need change?")  My friend looked at the now getting nervous waitress and simply stated, "I was going to give you a larger tip but since you didn't bring the change back..."  You could see the realization wash across the gals face. 

In the end, we both tipped well like we normally do.  And hopefully a young gal learned the difference between "are you ready" and "do you need change?" 

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