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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Marketing a good idea

I have the new detergent pods for my dishwasher.  My boyfriend uses them in his clothes washer.  There have been many news reports of children accidentally eating them as candy and ending up in the emergency room.

The pods are bright and colorful, good markeing ploy as they are very eye catching. Or is it a bad idea because they catch the eyes of children.  Let us look at this from the innocent eyes of a child.  Looks like candy. The container is similar in shape of a cookie jar.  I got into a cookie / candy jar in the kitchen and mom hid it.  I found it with a new candy in it!

I want to know what they were thinking as they designed both the pod and the jar.  It is obvious they forgot to put on their "child lik view".  When I was a child "Mr.Yuk" was the big thing.  "Mr. Yuk is mean! Mr. Yuk is green!" was the slogan. Parents could buy stickers to put on things in the cabinets that were poisonous.  Did we forget about Mr. Yuk?

My solution is that pod manufacturers should put "Mr. Yuk" on the sides of their "candy jars".

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