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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Custom designed curtains
Now this is fancy: they have specially designed fabric on the curtains that not only has the hotel name but it also has the magnolia flower on it also. But I need to admit that getting here was a bit nerve racking (only the last 10 minutes).  One way, the other way, one way, WAIT!!!! this is a two way. (Oops.)  :^)  Typical of big cities; they had a lot of one way streets and a stoplight at every block.  I was handling the one ways pretty good until I turned down one that had diagonal parking going the wrong way.  (They must have converted the street from a two way to a one way and did not want to repaint the lines.  Instead they put up signs that said, "Diagonal parking back in."  Funny, Huh?  The next road I turned onto was really a two way street and I was in the wrong lane.  
Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Sealed Toilet paper
This surprised me. They put a "formal seal" on the toilet paper roll.  I've seen it folded nicely at many places but to actually put a seal on it.  Well, I am not sure quite what to think about that.
Cell Photo by Trisha Field
 I looked the other direction and saw the shower.  My first thought is that if that ever backed up, there would be a waterfall streaming down into the rest of the bathroom.  It was a really nice tile job otherwise.

Cell photo by Trisha Field
 Most hotels put one lotion, one shampoo, and one conditioner on the counter.  Sometimes a fourth bottle is left for body wash.  But on the counter was two soaps, two lotions and two cleansing body washes. I thought to myself, "did they goof up and forget the shampoo and conditioner?  So I looked behind the curtain in the shower. 

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
2x2 again
 I found two shampoos and two conditioners along with two more soaps that look like an exfoliating soap soap instead of the moisturising facial soap.  In case you are wondering, I am feeling a bit like a princess right now.

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