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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

I forgot to put it on the list.

I almost always shop with a list and for many reasons:
1.  I really don't like to shop (too many people)
2.  I don't want to walk in for one thing and buy everything except that item
3.  I only shop every week to two weeks. I start the list anyday and shop days later.
4.  Shopping with lists saves money.

But today I forgot to put "it" on the list.  I do a lot of traveling. And my stewardess style bag broke it's handle.  Wooop! It just pulled straight and all the way out.  There I stood with a handle in my hand that was no use.  Instead of rolling it out of the airport, I carried it.

That was a while ago. I've been using other bags since then but miss my cabin friendly bag.  My route today was going to be a fast food restaurant, Walmart, church (to do accounting work), bank, home. 

I was at church when I saw something that reminded me; suitcase! Then the thought, "Shopko" passed through my head. In the route that would fit.  Maybe if there was time.

My head again, "make the time . (period) just do it. It won't take that long. Shopko." Well I followed that still small voice and obviously someone, not me, saw that the suitcase I wanted was on sale 50% off and directed me there.  I'm glad I followed the prompting of that still small voice. (God was there.)

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