Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back again, back again, jiggy-jig

Back to the Cracker Barrel for a special Valentine's Day dinner.  The sad part is that Dale is four states away but we did get to talk on the phone several times.

There are many reasons that I like this restaurant.
1. The salad was not only colorful but it tasted good too.
2. They serve delicious comfort food.
3. They are a mix of traditional and modern eclectic.  Look at the kid's bee clothing! So cute! I wish I new someone having a baby girl.

I walked down the road, around the corner past three hotels to the restaurant and back after supper. I felt like I needed more of a workout.  I went down to the pool.  They keep the pool warmer here than any other hotel I have stayed at. I love it. Oh no! It just hit me. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz good night.

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