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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Time flies

Photo by Trisha Field
Days old

The puppies are growing up so very fast!  When they were born they were right around a pound each.  Today we weighed in four of them and they ranged from 2-3 pounds.  They used to all be able to fit in around the nipples at the same time (not that there were enough nipples for all of them.)

Photo by Trisha Field
About one week old
Now six to eight feed at a time for the reason that they can't fit their every growing bodies that close together and still feed. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Just over 2 weeks old

They are so absolutely precious!  I am in love and the hardest thing is going to be when these puppies go off to their new families. It is still pretty early for advertising; but Dale insisted that the ad get placed today.  So I set up the online ad.  The puppies don't start showing personality until four to five weeks so it doesn't pay to have people come and pick their puppies until then. 

For those that get their ears cropped that procedure is done when they are eight weeks old.  We like to keep the puppies until they are a full eight weeks old sometimes nine weeks.  But some families want bonding time a few days before the ear cropping is done. 

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