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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Penny for your thought

for that is all I have left in my hand as I pulled away from Burger King with my breakfast in hand.  (Flash back)
As I was pulling up to the drive thru, I checked my wallet and pulled out $10.00 for my breakfast. I enjoy the croissant breakfast sandwiches with an extra egg - it fills me up for the morning. 
The thought passed through my mind, "buy the person behind you breakfast." I looked in the rear view mirror and no one was there.  I looked at the bill in my hand and decided that IF someone pulled up behind me and their order was less than the change I received that I would pay for it.
As the last car in front of me pulled out the car behind me placed his order.  When the gal opened the window to collect my money I asked her, "How much was the order behind me?"
I knew mine was $3.73 which left $6.27 available. "I need to collect yours then I will be able to see that." At first she had a cautiously curious look.  She placed the $6.27 in my hand which I left in my hand palm up between the car and the payment window while she pulled up his order.  "$6.26"
There was a sparkle in her eye when I handed my change back to her and she placed a penny back in my hand.  "Wish him a Merry Christmas for me." Sure it was after Christmas but I felt this was a God thing.  He spoke to me.  I did the human thing and put a box around him.  God proved that he could work inside my can I trust him to work without my boxes/limitations?

Cell photo by Trisha Field
A Penny for your thoughts

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