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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The parties have begun

It is the busy time of year.  Amidst the political mess and the tramas we instill upon ourselves STESS!  Work parties, friend parties, time with family and buying the perfect gifts. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Gift Opening

A Christmas party is the perfect place to say "Thank-you" to people that you would like to honor for working so hard during the previous year. It is always fun to surprise someone with a special thank-you.

Christmas Party?
I've heard the average American gains 5-10 pounds over Christmas.  Luckily this party used a smaller square plate and even at that I walked away feeling quite full.  A larger size chicken wing, a meat ball, stuffing, potatoes, wild rice, jello "salad" and 3 different green bean casseroles.  (Did I hit a hot spot for you calling a jello dish a salad?  Sorry, I grew up surrounded by Lutheran's and Jello Salad it was! - Jello with Fruit and coolwhip.)

Photo by Trisha Field
Christmas Potluck
Did I forget to mention the dessert table?  So much food to choose from and at this table we dare NOT try a bite of everything.  We really need to do the difficult thing and make a choice, or two or three.....

Photo by Trisha Field
Dessert Table
 Don't party too much but do have a good time and enjoy the company of those around you.  Six days until Christmas.

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