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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, December 21, 2012

“It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

Photo by Trisha Field
A New Day

For every end there is a new beginning.  Today is the winter Solstice or the day when for one area of the earth there is no day and in another area of the world there is no night.  Yet it is just the day when humans use to mark the first day of the new season; winter. The most wonderful part of this season is that the days begin getting longer!  I always look forward to the longer days.  It is difficult to have the short days with sunlight.
Photo by Trisha Field
Winter Solstice

Although winter is not my favorite season for some people it is their favorite season.  I can see the beauty in the season.  What other seasons do crystals of frozen water reflect the sunshine looking like diamonds sparkled across the lawn? It is a time of rest for the land and the trees for they too need a time of rest. 
Photo by Trisha Field
Star Crossed

We are blessed today to have actual sunshine.  There are many more cloudy days than sunny days at this time of year.  As much as we look forward to the sunny days, they do mean colder weather; weather that would please ole’ Jack Frost. 

Today is a new beginning.  The world is not coming to an end.  Let us look ahead to the future and continue with hope and love to conquer each new day that comes our way!  There is a silver lining to every storm cloud.  We are always given multiple ways to look at things.  It is our choice and although there are times it is difficult we must always remember to look for the positive side.  We do have a tendency to find what we are looking for.  See the diamonds in the snow and enjoy the beauty of today.

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