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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow Angels and other odd topics...

I asked our girls to make me snow angels in the freshly fallen snow.  First I was told that I should forget about the cold snow because they were my angels. (Okay so Dobermans don't talk but those looks say a lot.) What I got a "Family Circus" path instead. 

When I moved to town, I specifically asked about parking cars on the side street and I was told the only ban was a two block "business district" over night in the winter.  It was still snowing when I left Dale's for home.  He told me to park the pickup on my sidestreet as he lives within th business district.  

When I woke up this morning there were warning tickets on Dale's pickup and my renters car.  It seems there was an OLD ordinance that said if there is more than 2" of snow that parking is prohibited on ALL streets.  They have never enforced it but decided starting this ...tada!... they are enforcing it.  Evidentally they put it in the city news letter that came while I was gone.  We got somewhere between 8 - 14 inches of snow. 

Curved walking path.....  Once I had walked through the snow once, I had a perfect walking path.  The prints were the perfect size of my feet.  The strides were just my size.  Then the snowblower came through so it fits more than just my feet and strides.  You are welcome.

My first full day working in my official in home office!  Whoo-hoo!  I didn't have to drive in this messy weather to work! As I sat at my desk working I realized I didn't have a waste basket.  I am frugal.  I decided to re-purpose a gift basket that was given to me as part of a going away gift.  Don't you love it?

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