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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Walking on the water...

Sven and Ollie never understood what the big deal was about Jesus walking on the water.  They walked on the water 4-5 months out of the year.


Cell photo by Trisha Field
Walking on the Water

Although the lakes freeze over and a many people, walk, ride four-wheelers and eventually drive on the frozen lakes in the winter, it is still has its risks. The dogs don't mind running out on the lake at least where there is snow.


Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Perfect place to run - a frozen lake
They stopped just short of the area that is sheer ice despite the fact that Dale was out there calling them. Does that mean dogs are smarter than humans?  I guess sometimes they do seem to be a bit smarter.  In case you didn’t know they train us humans very well.  Currently Dale and I are trained to let them outside for potty breaks, give them a treat when they come in and toss the tennis ball when dropped in our lap just to name a few things. 

Cell photo by Trisha Field
Intelligence Test? - Evening walk on the lake.
My sister was sharing with me the other day that her husband was excited that their son wanted to go ice fishing.  The guys felt it should be a family affair.  Despite living in Minnesota all her life and knowing that it can be safe to walk on the water (when there are adequate inches of ice.)

The guidelines for new clear ice are:

Less than 2” stay off

4” ice fishing (foot traffic)

5” Snowmobile or ATV

8”-12” Car or small pickup

12”-15” Medium truck

Cell photo by Trisha Field
12/21/2012 Ice House City by Richmond, Minnesota

The difficult part is that two people can be standing fairly close and one person has 4” of ice under him and the other only has 2”.  If it snows, the ice forms more slowly as snow acts like an insulator. 


As long as the wind stays down, it is amazingly warm feeling out on the ice.  Well, maybe not warm but tolerable as long as you are dressed appropriately, good boots, snow-pants, good coat, mittens, hat and scarf.

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