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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Graduation day

After 18 very LONG days, we are finally through the information that we needed to learn!  Boom! POW! Bang!  ….the information was pounded into our heads.  I passed the finance test Thanksgiving week.  I am scheduled to take the Trade and Logistics test this Friday.  Graduation or not, this is not complete until I have passed both certification tests.  We will see how much of the information has stuck!
Twelve workbooks filled with information and practice labs.  Outside of that were 26 workshops which guided us through all the steps to set up a company from step one (the very basic accounts) through purchases, sales, inventory management, batch tracking, serial number tracking, and ending up with master planning.  Step by step we worked our way through all the set-ups needed to accomplish the tasks that built upon each other. 

Cell phone photo by Trisha Field
We had just a few books that we went through in this short month.

We had a “graduation” ceremony today marking the end of the Fast TrAX Enterprise Academy Consultant Training Program.  It was held in the “Eagle’s Nest”.  The Eagle’s Nest is a three story executive conference center at the Microsoft facility.  It was built as one of the first buildings.  There are only two full floors on the inside.  You can walk up to the top level and see at tree-top level a beautiful panoramic view. 

Photo belongs to Trisha Field
Trisha's AX Graduation 2012
Cell Phone photo by Trisha Field
When this was built there weren’t as many buildings and it was a much more beautiful view.  I would guess the trees were also shorter.  It is December so we can still see a beautiful view.  In the summer, you would see a beautiful display of leaves. 

Photo property of Trisha Field
12/5/12 Graduating Class

 As I said before, our class was very diversified.  L-R Ryan, Marcus, Lora, Raj, Arman, Lahtanken, Ren, Jose, Rand, Abi and Trisha.  Watch for us… we are going to take the ERP world by storm!  

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