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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sci-fi to Reality

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Inspired by Star Trek?
I remember watching Star Trek and the characters carried around flat tablets, that they typed on to do their reports or used to read books.  At a time when lap-top computers were non-existent the actors and actresses were walking around with fake Kindle’s and Nooks. 

So what is going on here?  Are there Aliens feeding scientists and Hollywood similar information?  Hollywood challenges our idea of what is normal technology.  While the Aliens with guide the scientists to “invent” the new possibility?  OR is Hollywood just more creative than our inventors.  In the lab do they say, “Hey did you see (movie or TV show) they had a mockup of an (item name) could we make in reality?  What would it take?  Let’s give it a try.” 

When I was in my early 20’s, I worked at the local cable TV company with my mother.  Our competition was the satellite dish: those six foot wide monsters that people put on big rods in their back yard.  There was one customer that used to come in and tell us that the future was that people were going to walk around with a watch-looking apparatus on their wrist that would consist of a miniature satellite dish and a TV.  He passed away many years ago.  But I can’t help but think of him and wonder what he would think of our smart phones.  No miniature satellite dishes or at least that small.  They have gotten smaller and now hang on the sides of houses or are placed on the roofs of houses.  But they are not miniaturized and hanging on our wrists.  I don’t think he ever thought that wireless/cell phones would go from those huge packs that people carried around to something that fit into your pocket and could stream TV shows or do almost any computer function.
What do you see for the future?  Will we have an implant above our eyebrow that connects to our brain and when we want to know something we will just think about it and the answer will assimilate into our thoughts? (Star-Trek the next generation.)  Will they put the implants on people in prisons to rehabilitate the prisoners?  Over-ride their free will with corrective actions?  Will they put it on people suffering from mental illness to change their thoughts to positive, confident and build their self-esteem?


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