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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More flowers!

Dale mows lawns for elderly people in Watkins. One of the women this past winter, went into the nursing home. Dale was told by her children that we could bring home whatever flowers from her flower garden that we wanted.  The offer had been made to several other people also. Today between rain showers Dale dug up plants.
Front Garden
 He brought irises from 3 to 4 different places in her garden.  We are hoping that is multiple colors.There is a beautiful bush with purple flowers and a mystery bush. 
Side Garden
He also brought some day lilies. We do have several day lilies but again,  I'm hoping these might be a different variety. He also brought a Virginia bluebell. 
Virginia Blue Bells
 All for these flowers are best transplanted in the fall. But there wasn't a choice.  The ground is wettest is good for transplanting.   Now we just need to wait and see what we really have. I worked until I ran out of sunlight.  It would have gone faster but I needed to pick the weeds out of the flowers. 
Reflection of Sunset

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