Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Evening views

Monday evening I walked by the lilac bush. Most of the lilacs on the farm are the light lavender color.  There is one white tree. As much as I enjoy the flowers, they really bother my allergies.
Lilac Blooms
I can't believe that I started this post on Monday and it is already Friday (oops Saturday  time flies). We had an awesome sunset on Monday! 
I loved the way the horizon was clear as the sun dropped over the horizon.  There must have been just enough smoke from wild fires to add depth to the color.
Closeup of Sunset
Looking at the close up of the clouds,  the brightness of the sun melded quickly to the darker hues.  If you want to learn color theory, just study the beauty of nature around you.
Pinks and greys of the setting sun
Wait 5 minutes and the hues will change. Then turn around, and see how the colors reflect differently on the distant clouds. I think I'm going to make an outfit with pastel golden-yellow,  pink and blue-gray. They look fabulous in the sky ♡.
Sunset, Northern View

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