Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's day!

It was a beautiful day full of sunshine. Dale took me out for breakfast and wouldn't you know that while we were gone, the crew came by to fix the sprinkler lines. On the way home from breakfast,  Skyler decided that the most comfortable place to rest was on my lap. I had the window cracked open. That could not have been comfortable to sleep with his head wedged in the window, but it was his choice spot.
Love you g-ma, you make a great pillow
The chics got to go out in the yard. They were so excited to be able to hunt and peck in the yard.
Our newest chickens
While I mowed the lawn, Dale fixed up a place at the edge of the pasture for the ducklings to waddle in on the warm days.
Ducklings temporary yard
The bees were excited that the crab apple tree was in full blossom.  There was a constant and loud buzzing sound from the tree. It is safe to walk by and under the tree, just don't hit the branches or climb in it.
Crab apple blossoms & bees

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