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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, May 30, 2016

Garden fresh

Saturday evening Troy cooked up some of our asparagus on the grill.  With the rain last week, the asparagus was growing like crazy. We should have been picking it every day.  We aren't used to a patch this big. There are a lot of seedlings so the patch will be growing next year.
Garden Fresh and small farm raised foods
Throughout the weekend the guys were eating garden fresh radishes.  By next year at this time,  the meal below will be totally produced here on the farm. (Well maybe not the top the tator.)
Feels good to go from garden to table
I spent most of the day in the garden. Weeding and picking radishes.  I know this is the beginning of summer. But my mind is playing tricks on me and it feels like summer is almost over. I made it through about 3/4 of the garden. Garden fresh takes a lot of work!
2016 Garden

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