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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fun on the farm

The donkey pets the cat
We were out working on the fence today when we saw the donkeys nuzzling the cats. The cats did not seem to mind the donkey's attention.I guess the cats are just Ultra friendly. 
Pregnant Cat nuzzles Duckie
Because I saw them later cuddling up with the duck. The duck wasn't too sure what to think about this, but he did not run away.Then there is my model again this time out in the bright sunlight. I hope some of the baby chicks have some of his coloring.
My handsome model
He is one handsome rooster, and he knows it. It could be so peaceful out on the farm. There are times that I wish the farm was paid for. It gets harder to go into town.

Strutting his stuff...

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