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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Always one in the group

It doesn't matter if it's people or pets, there's always one that's fidgeting. I was working in the gardens outside this evening and the dogs were laying in the shade not far away.
Puppy pouting?
 But as soon as I started to take pictures, one at a time they started goofing off. For the most part it was puppy Skyler that was being rambunctious.
Skyler, lay down please
When the others would not play with him, he laid down flat on his side. He tried to nudge mama into playing. But she was tired from running around the yard.
You told me to lay down.  Mama, give me a kiss!
Then the pouting started. Just like a little toddler. He lay down flat on the ground and wouldn't move no matter what I said. Well maybe next time I'll get a good family picture.
Family photo with a pouting puppy

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