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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Signs of Spring

I walked around the flower beds today as the temperature teetered just above freezing. I saw these few bright green smiles peeking through the dirt. It is early but most bulb plants and hardy perennials can handle it.
The first signs of spring 03/05/16
This evening we popped open the grill and made steaks on the grill.  Sometimes we cook out in the middle of winter but it gets difficult to see the meat on the grill.
Steaks on the Grill - delicious
Last night we got two calves that were being bottle fed. They have been weaned and are on grain and hay.  As cute as they are I need to remember that they are meant for hamburger and steaks this next fall.  It is getting warmer each day.  There are a few small patches of green showing through.  I am hoping that we have enough hay in the barn to last until the grass is green and appetizing to the animals.
Calves ready for pasture
Even inside there is a touch of spring as the Tillandsias are preparing to bloom. This colorful little plant bloomed before and sprouted two babies.  Those two babies are now ready to bloom.  I love seeing them reproduce. 
Closeup of Tillandsias
Is there any wonder why I am falling in love with the varieties of Tillandsias?  They are such beautiful flowers even if they only bloom for a day or two.
Tillandsias ready to bloom

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