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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday update

Brunch: Steak and Eggs with Wild Rice Wheat Toast
We left early this morning to meet Dad and Pat at church in Hinckley. After church we met Jordon, Sarra, and Nickolai for lunch.
One of these things is NOT like the others ;^)
When we got home I thought,  one of these things is not like the others ..... then I smiled at the duck laying out in the yard with the cats all around. They were all resting so peaceful and enjoying the sunshine.
This buds for me! Happy Springtime ~ March 2016
As I played outside with the dogs, I noticed that the buds on the lilac trees were beginning to show green.  There is hope for spring!
Easter Tree Update March 20th 2016
The lilac branch that I brought inside has started to wither up. It looks like I was about 2 weeks early.
The afternoon was filled with sunshine.  Although it was still on the cold side, the Dobermans chose to stay outside and play. Skyler is getting bigger every day.
Dobermans enjoying outside time on the first day of spring
My last update for the day is the air plants. Two of them are moments away from blooming. I love the brilliance of the colors!
Tillandsias closer to bloom time

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