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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Sometimes commercials have profound statements: if time is infinite why isn't there enough time to get everything done?
The commercial was professing that we don't have the right tools. We need to purchase their tools.
My philosophy is two fold but simple. The first part comes from the enormous list of options available for us to fill up our time.  The more "advanced" that society comes the larger variety of opportunities that cross our path in the time of a day.
The second part is the way we view our day.  By that I mean that every second of every day we accomplish something. Even if it's taking a breath, it is an accomplishment.
Maybe we just need to change our focus so that we are content with the things that we accomplish each day. Then look at our list and prioritize the rest of it so that we can continue with no regrets.
Watching the cats and dogs curl up to sleep, they don't seem to have any regrets. Their daily to do list is simple: eat, sleep, play, potty, an please their people. Where or when did we go wrong?
Cat cuddle time in the barn
I can still fit on this bed! Skyler
Misty Blue

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