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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Interesting sites on Monday in Vegas

Here it goes.  My impressions of Las Vegas.  We did a lot of walking.  We are staying about mid-strip and we took off and walked to the right which is South.  At the corner of the New York New York casino they have a miniature statue of Lady Liberty with two flags proudly displayed in front of it.  It is tight and close but I had the wide angle lens on my camera.  USA proud!
Lady Liberty
 When we walked into the Lexor they had several Egyptian statues.  I didn't realize that they had Dobermans back several centuries ago.  I thought they were created in Europe for guard dogs for mail carriers during wartime. This is a common sculpture from that era so obviously someone had the vision of the perfect dog before it was bread.
WAIT?!?!? almost looks like a Doberman from Egypt?
 Art is ever where.  A lot of the art is there just for our appreciation and pleasure.  But this piece was made to be used.  It was made from recycled materials: old church windows, bear bottle caps, license plates were the main items used.
Art for your use
I was thinking about sitting down on it for a few minutes but the metal plates didn't look very comfortable.  So I sat down at a machine across the aisle from it and put $10 in.  I walked off $40 ahead.  Not much but that pays for the flights.
License plates for a seat - hmmm
 Las Vegas is AWESOME people watching.  It is also the marriage capital of the United States.  I am an introvert by nature but with my job, I need to be very extrovert.  So part of my time in Las Vegas is practicing my extrovert skills.  I stopped this wedding party and asked if I could take their picture and share it on the internet.  They were very excited.  So hopefully they find this picture.
 Then there were these two women who hand wrote papers that said "FREE HUGS" and laminated the papers.  They displayed them as they walked up and down the strip stopping to give hugs.  I yelled out to them and asked to take their picture and post it on the internet.  They were also excited that I was willing to share their work.
Free Hugs
 Then there was Elvis.  He was only one of the many people in costumes trying to solicit you to stop and share a photo for a tip.
Elvis is Alive!

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