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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Glitz and Glitter

Eye candy.  Las Vegas is focused on eye candy.  They have spent millions of dollars on visual stimulation.  Amazingly most of it is family friendly.  But if you are thinking of bringing your children, please be aware that there is just enough non-family friendly views that could put your children at risk.
Glitz the changes color
 This post is family friendly.  There are a lot of back-lit crystals hanging around.  I think the meaning is to simulate diamonds or wealth giving a visual promise that gambling at that establishment will let you walk away with great wealth.
Crystal falls
 The bright light that comes out of the top of the Linx attracts some fairly large bugs.  We could see them flying in and out and around the large stream of light sparkling and glittering like gems.
Bugs reflecting the light at the Linx
 On the Big (red) Bus tour we passed the Bellagio as the water show was beginning.  A multi million dollar investment to catch people's eye with water dancing to music and songs.
Bellagio water show
 Down the strip further is a volcano that erupts several times in the evening.  Red lights catching water that sprays in the air between flashes of flame.
Erupting Volcano
 I think that the Volcano is on Mirage property but it is between Treasure Island and Mirage on the North side of the strip.  The only times that I've seen it is the two years that I've been on the bus tour.
Watch out for "lava"
 Downtown, we saw one of the oldest crystal chandeliers.  But you need to be willing to look up.  In Las Vegas, make sure that you look up.  There is a lot going on at eye level but you will miss so much if you don't look up.
Crystal Chandelier
 Done in a similar design of the crystal Chandelier were two circles that were connected by an S-Curve.
Crystal Chandelier 2
We rode the high roller.  But even that is colored to provide glitter and glitz to those not on the ride.  

High Roller

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