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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ready, set, project!

The pasture before ....
Oh wait, that's not how it goes. But the rain is falling and soaking into the ground. That means the frost is coming out of the ground.
Loaded up!
The farm was broken up into 4 pastures when we bought it. One is usable for sheep. We need to redo over 500 feet of pasture fence to make the rest usable for the sheep as it stands.
Is this a better view? ...that's a lot of work!
We will be squaring out the pasture as well as removing the old barb wire. Then see will put up new wire and let the animals have at it. But so that it can be done as people and equipment are available, we purchased the biggest supplies today.
So much to do ..... so little time! 

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