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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A breath of fresh air!

I haven't heard the official number yet to know if we broke any records. What I do know was it was an exceptionally beautiful early spring day.
Another glorious sunset to review the day by.....
The dogs spent a lot of time running outside in the fenced in yard. Each time they would get inside it wasn't long before they were napping.
I walked around to look at all of the gardens. They were calling my name.  I wanted to get down on my knees and dig in the dirt.
Garden, waiting for springtime
Instead I used all of my power to resist. Years ago, I learned that no matter how warm it gets before Easter the only gardening that you do is planting potatoes on Good Friday.
Can you hear it?  "Trisha! clear me out!"
A friend of Dale's stopped by to visit but Dale was at work. There is a rule at my house: stop by without notice and I might find work for you. (Especially if you interrupt the work that I'm doing.) We went out into the pasture, tied up the donkeys and gave each one a good brushing. Then I put the calves in the barn so they could have some grain.
Currying the Donkey
Walking in after sunset (my first picture) there was a fresh smell in the air.  It is supposed to rain overnight despite there not being many clouds in the sky. For a few moments, I thought that I could smell the rain!  Ahhhh!

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