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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Visiting the Venetian in Las Vegas

The Venetian wants you to have an experience similar to visiting the actual Venis. They have built a canal for Gondola rides.  But the Gondoliers are both male and female.  In Venis they are only men and it is often an inherited position.  Also, I noticed that the Gondoliers were singing.  That is a very American thing and would be offensive in Venis.
Gondola Rides
 I found this fabulous shop that sold (among other things) hand-made Venetian masks.  This is part of history that holds my heart.  People showed their creative side if even by simply hiding behind a mask.
Venetian Masks
 They had a couple of window displays that caught my attention and pulled me in.  The store also sold Venetian glass jewelry.
Venetian Masks
 As we were leaving after having lunch here, we stopped to watched the performers.  There were jesters, jugglers, and musicians (both instrumental and vocal.)  They didn't have microphones and the only ones that verbally interacted with the crowds were the singers.  They belted it out!  There was no problem hearing them.
The Jester
 They were excellent performers and took extra effort to make sure the audience participated in the performance.  It reminded me of the Renaissance Festival.
The tute-er
 After the performance, they encouraged people to have their pictures taken with them.  Unlike other places, they didn't have signs for tips.  It made me think that they were paid for by the hotel in order to draw in more customers.
Trisha and Troy with the performers
 Many of the casinos have a similar theme for at least some of their displays.  This year it appears to be the Chinese New Years.
Celebrating the Chinese New Years
 By this time in the walking trip, this is exactly what I felt like doing: taking a nap.  There was so much to see at the Venetian hotel.  Once again, I am only sharing my favorite memories.
Time to Rest

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