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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Little Birdie in the Sky

I was out with the girls today and through the blowing wind I could hear hundreds of little birds in the tree.  Have you ever heard the excessively loud chattering of a tree full of birds?  That was what I was hearing in the middle of an open field with no trees around.  Their chatter was being carried on the wind.

Cell photo by Trisha
The birds like the new shingles
So it didn't surprise me too much when later in the afternoon I hear more chattering and looked up to see the birds sitting on the edge of the newly placed shingles.  I guess my roof is more than the talk of the people in the neighborhood. 

Hey! I just noticed that the windows on the East side of my house look a bit like cartoon eyes with big bushy eyebrows.  Smile!

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