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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roof roof

Not the dogs barking!   The crew made it today to work on my roof! The front porch had been done with an emergency leak a couple of years ago.  Last fall, the lean-to shed was done with an emergency leak.  This spring in one of the late winter storms, bits of worn down shingle flew off from my roof.  I called right away to get on the schedule.  People must be doing a lot of home repairs because it was difficult to find a crew with time available.
West Side
The crew was timely, they worked hard with just a few breaks.  It sounded like they staggered the breaks.  There was someone working on the roof almost all day long.
Deliver "Truck" 2
I saw a small gas operated fork truck bring a pallet of supplies.  A little while later I saw this slightly larger fork truck delivering the shingles.  It must be a small town thing, don't bother loading it on a truck, just hall it half way up main street on a fork truck.
Delivery Truck 3
Then the partial pallet of shingles arrived on this oversized truck!  I had to laugh because they finally pulled out the big guns. There were a couple of long 2X4's and some flashing on the truck too.  The real purpose for the boom truck was to lift the shingles up to the top of the roof.
Boom and Power Lines
Evidentially, no one paid close attention to the surroundings because there are power lines surrounding my house.  It made it challenging but the boom operator was patient and did a good job.
South Side
If you look closely you can see the man on the roof showing the boom operator how much space he had to work with before hitting the wire.  It doesn't look he would be sitting in a blind spot but I guess the only one that knows that is the operator running the boom.
Boom and more power lines
It was a bit nerve racking to watch them unloading the shingles.  I can fly a small air-craft, I love flying commercially but I can't do a ladder and a roof of a house.
It beat carrying shingles up the ladder
Earlier this year, the mud-workers re-worked the basement wall.  In order to do that they needed to remove the (literally) half-rotten staircase.  There has been a ladder sitting in the opening for the last few months.  Now, once again, I have a set of stairs.  They are still steep but there is no way around that because it is a small basement.
New Basement Stairs
They finished just before sunset.  They added extra flashing around the top of the porch.  Do you see two colors of shingles? Yes, because the South section of the porch was almost brand new and I could not see paying the extra for re-doing good work.  But I was unable to get the matching shingles.  They weren't a style/color offered this year. :^(
South Side - Complete
They did a great job, don't you think so? Now I don't need to worry about the roof for a few years.
West Side - Complete
There were a couple of bad spots.  I don't understand why the last people that did the roof replaced about 80% of the roof with plywood sheets and not the last 20%.  The two places that weren't replaced was where I had periodic leaking problems. (Only in the hard driving rain.) 
North Side
These areas are now replaced, repaired and reinforced.  They also took the old antennae down along with an old satellite dish holder and replaced all of the roof vents. I think the next thing that I will need to do is have the house painted.  What do you think?  I am tempted to go with an almost white, light-blue but I doubt it.
North Side
Nick and his construction crew did an excellent job.  If you are in the Watkins area and in need of a construction crew give Nick a call 320-980-5997.

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