Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Curiosity Satisfied

I was curious about how the river would look once the bar top coating set. I wasn't disappointed.  The rocks and sand were set in with the "river".
Cell photo by Trisha
Close up of Stream
I had to carefully hold a portion of the sand in place while at the same time pouring out the rest of the sand. I won't have time for several days to work on the fairy garden again. 
Cell photo by Trisha
The Stream with 6 fish and a waterfall
So learn from my mistakes. When preparing a second batch of coating,  I decided to go against the box advice that said pour right away. It had a chemical reaction it harden right away. Oops! 
Keep tuned for more updates.
Oops - learning curve

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