Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Looking ahead 2 books ....

Parts of this book keep popping in my head and I am writing them down as they come to me.  That means I am writing it partially out of sequence.  (This is NOT part of the Goodwill Mystery Series. It is the first book after the series end.) The book is being written in journal form.  The woman writing the journal has accidentally left some blank pages in the journal.  Much later, she opens up to the blank pages and reflects with 20/20 hind-sight:

Ooops these pages stuck together. 
I will leave them blank for now and I may or may not fill them in later.
On the 41st day, the angels protecting the witnesses turned towards the witnesses, covering their eyes. Then the Glory of the Lord came upon the earth. Those that dared to look upon his Gory, both human and demons, found themselves before the judgment throne.  Without Jesus, they were condemned to perish.  Then the Glory of God lifted out of the sight of those on earth and thus began the final battle as Jesus came forth and removed Satan from the earth.  Satan did his best to fight back, throwing balls of fire at the earth destroying what remained of the things of this earth.

Powered by the prayers of the Children of God that congregated as God directed them, Jesus with his army of angels battled Satan while simultaneously protecting the Children of God.  All this was visible to the chosen witnesses even to the final minutes when Satan was bound and thrown into the abyss for a thousand years.
As we read today the things that Jesus shared with the disciples and others around him, we now understand the things they did not.  They were too close to living the life to really understand what they were being told.  This page will come at the end of 40 days of immense struggle, change and confusion.  Her writings on both sides will be very emotional.  This blank page she comes back to and fills in after the fact during her "ah ha!" moment. 

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