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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time to pay bills

Pay day was yesterday, I am a volunteer treasurer for a church and I help a friend living on a tight budget make sure they get all of their bills paid each month.  Most months bill paying for each of us ends up at a different time.

Not this month.  I had three checkbooks sitting in front of me with stacks of bills from all three.  When it was done, I was happy that for all three  that the funds were able to cover all of the bills.  There is an extra comfort knowing that bill have been paid.

The trick after that is not spending what is left.  I have been buying only consumable things like food and clothing (after old clothing can be thrown away).  It is still difficult.

Dale is in severe pain and I will probably be taking him to either urgent care or the emergency room today.  So I am cutting this short.  Hopefully I have the chance to share some things from Texas with you later today.

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