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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eating low carb at a restaurant

A good challenge is to go into a typical restaurant and find something low carb on the menu.  Rolls, rice, potatoes or even pancakes are all added to the good protein and fats.

My specialist told me about a rich man that he knew. He never looked at a menu. He ordered whatever he was hungry for at the time.

Tonight we went to Osaka, Japanese Restaurant.  Everyone was served a bowl of clear broth. With my meal, I got a small garden salad. Instead of using dressing, I had them bring me several slices of avocado from the sushi bar. I wanted sour cream too but they didn't have any.

I ordered steak and shrimp and it came with sauteed vegetables. I skipped eating the carrots because they are higher in sugar and I just don't care for mushy carrots. I was plenty full and the food was good.

I had ordered what I wanted. I got most of it but not all of it.  I am going to try it again. (And no, I did NOT eat the noodles.)

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